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Free 4K PBR Textures - Stone Wall

Free 4K PBR Textures - Stone Wall

Today I offer to everyone a complete set of high quality seamless PBR textures to make a realistic stone wall with your preferred 3D application. I made it with Substance Alchemist 0.5.4 Nacho, after some test and a short learning path. I tested the exported textures in Blender and Octane Render 4.02.1 but the result will be the same with every 3D application that support PBR shading/rendering.

Blender/Octane still frame
[widgetkit id="13" name="StoneWall"]
Blender/Octane animation
[widgetkit id="14" name="StoneWallAnim"]


Stone Wall 4K PBR Textures Set