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Substance Painter to LightWave3D+Octane PBR MetalRough

Octane PBR Compound Node for LightWave 3D

This simple compound node for Octane Render speeds up the PBR Metalness workflow amongst Allegorithmic Substance Painter (or any other PBR painter/texturing software) and LightWave 3D.

It's very easy to use this compound node and below I will explain the complete workflow from Substance Painter to LightWave/Octane.
The workflow from Substance Painter to LightWave involve many steps so it's important to avoid failing on some of that or you must return back and again redo the previous steps.
One of the most important thing is to build perfect UV maps, that not overlap in the same material, before export your model.
When your 3D model is ready then export it in FBX format, open Substance Painter, create a New Project, select the exported FBX file and set other settings as you need to start your paint job.

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Important Tips

In order to be able to work on your model in Substance Painter, the UV mapping must be defined correctly and must not overlap.

Once you've completed to paint your model then export the textures at desired resolution and format (always in 16bit depth or more) choosing PBR MetalRough template.

Important Note

Bitmap Bit Depth is very important for Roughness and Height textures and it's important to export them at least with a depth of 16-bit or you will lose significant details.
It's also very important that materials used in Substance Painter are PBR ready or you will get bad result in LightWave.

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Now open LightWave 3D, import the Octane PBR Compound Node (right click in Node Editor window -> Import Nodes) and assign the matching textures to the texture nodes.

Use the Displacement Map could need some adjustments in Compound setup about Level of detail and Filtering.

The F0 Metal node permit to adjust Metal Base Reflection using suggested values from 0.7 to 1.0 .

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Safety Tips

Always import Octane compound nodes with IPR deactivated or it is very likely that a crash will occur. In any case, always save before import any compound nodes.

This compound is outdated, the new release, with some fixes and improvements, can be found here.

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