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Octane Spotlight

Octane Spotlight in LightWave 3D

How to display spotlights using Octane in LightWave 3D but without use IES files.

Octane never ceases to amaze us, everything seems to be possible to do in this awesome software and thank you to Juanjo Gonzales all LightWave 3D users have one of the best implementation of this amazing render engine.

A brief preface

Surfing the web I saw some custom lights developed in C4D for Octane. What damn??? New custom light? Spotlight?
So this thing intrigued me so much and I sought more information online on this implementation.
After my researches and tests I created two nodes setup, one for Spotlight with color defined by RGB Spectrum and one using BlackBody.

The both nodes setup settings are the same, except for the light color, and the input parameters are:

  • RGB Spectrum

    Set light color using RGB values
  • Temperature

    Set light color using Kelvin values
  • Power

    Set the power of the light
  • Efficiency

    Set light efficiency
  • Cone Size

    Set cone size using values from 0 to 10
  • Hardness

    Set hardness of spotlight cone using values from 0 to 100
  • Sampling Rate

    Set sampling rate of the light
  • Unseen by camera

    Set to 0 to hide the light polygony. Any other value >0 display the light polygon

Unfortunately I couldn't enclose all the setup in a more elegant compound node due to some kind of incompatibility with the Octane Emission node.

I hope in a better implementation of this kind of light by San Juanjo Gonzales, our patron Saint. ;)

Dr. Juanjo Gonzales

While we are waiting for further Octane improvements, enjoy my latest work.


to enable volumetric effect in the demo scene, position the sphere object, called "volumetric", at position 0,0,0.

Download Octane Spotlight for LightWave 3D

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