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Substance Painter to LightWave3D+Octane PBR MetalRough

Updated Octane PBR MetalRough Compound Nodes

New improved releases of the compound node for the PBR Metalness workflow in LightWave 3D + Octane Render.

These new versions were released to fix a problem in specular handling (Fresnel and F0 base reflectance for Metal and Insulator part).

There are two new versions with different features:

  • The version 1.02 have two input nodes to set the F0 for Metal and Insulator part.
  • The version 1.03 don't have F0 input nodes but rely it to an additional map exported from Substance Painter so you can set perfect F0 values for different parts of metals and insulators in the same material.

To create the custom preset, to export PBR textures including F0 map, follow the steps in the infographic below.

Substance Painter export textures
Substance Painter export textures

This compound is outdated, the new release, with some fixes and improvements, can be found here.

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